[productsample] I’m getting fonder by the minute of this vegan brand. Their newest product is the Blue Mint Facial Cleansing Powder that is just all of the pleasure to use.

Lani Blue Mint Facial Cleansing Powder

I will say ahead that it turns very blue in contact with water – which you will need obviously to activate the powder to do its cleansing job. The thing that’s turning this Smurfy is blue spirulina which forms most of the antioxidant activity of this powder. Oats, coconut and clay powders are so finely milled it feels like the softest ever face powder. Obviously, by the name, you will have guessed that there is also menthol which isn’t going to suit everyone but it’s not a power toothpaste-like blast, just more of a freshness on the skin. There’s some light foaming formed from coconut.

Lani Blue Mint Facial Cleansing Powder

See? I’m not exaggerating! Lani doesn’t make any claims that this is a make-up remover – it will take off light make-up but really, it’s a skin cleanser above everything. I think it’s just a delight to use in a sea of creamy, watery, balmy cleansers and something very different doing the same, if not better, job. It left my skin feeling perfectly clean and not in the least stripped (although do make sure you rinse or wipe it off thoroughly – I had a tell-tale blue tide line on one jaw for a few abandoned minutes). It’s fine for all skin types although my instinct tells me that oily skins will like it more. It’s £17.99 HERE.



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