[productsample] This brand piqued my interest because of their link with the Bianchi Dana cycling team who trialled the two products from CJ Skin Health through their training. I’m not a cyclist but I imagine that complexions get put their paces since cycling is an all weather sport. Sport skin care crops up from time to time as one of those things that’s hard to get right. I should say ahead that I haven’t trialled these myself other than surface testing – this is for information only – no bikes were harmed in the making of this post :-).

Skin Health Enhance & Protect Moisturiser

As you’d expect, SPF UVA and UVB plays an important part in this moisturiser – it’s SPF30. There’s a very light barrier feel to this product giving it extra heft against sweat and keeping it on the skin in more extreme conditions and importantly, it doesn’t clog pores. Windburn is a sport hazard so the barrier element is definitely helpful in that respect. In terms of ingredients, it’s hyaluronic, aloe for soothing, vitamin E, vitamin C, peptides and vitamin A. Personally, I think it’s perhaps more suitable for winter months as I’d want an SPF50 in high summer especially as the product contains vitamin A.

Skin Health Enhance & Protect Moisturiser

The Active Cleanse is a thoughtful formulation with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties – the thing you want after you’ve sweated through miles is something that takes everything away very efficiently without stripping your skin. It’s only thinking specifically about what you bring home on your skin after a long run or cycle ride – particularly in urban areas – that the need for an after sports cleanse becomes obvious. You don’t need much of this and it certainly is efficient so perfect for that very thing although not exclusively so. It contains salicylic acid so it’s not suitable for you if your skin doesn’t like that particular ingredient, but it’s useful for mild exfoliation to ensure every last bit of grime is gone.

Amazingly, it’s not even particularly expensive – £11.95 for the cleanser and £24 for the moisturiser. It’s worth considering if you run, walk or cycle in all weathers – you can also use the moisturiser on your hands. Find it HERE.


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