[unpaid/sample] I’ve been using Actevna as consistently as possible for the last couple of months. I can’t exclusively use anything for too long as there is so much to try and only one face! But, Actevna is a masterclass in skincare simplification – and it works.

Actevna Moisturiser Review

In a nutshell, the brand is developed by cell biologists with no preservatives (hence keep in fridge). Preservatives, even natural ones, can interfere with the skin’s biome making cells less active and efficient. They’re considered ‘cytotoxic’ – meaning toxic to cells. The clear fluid is a concentrate of NMFs and non-oil moisturisers with Trehalose doing extra duty protecting against external stressors, giving anti-oxidant protection, retaining hydration and providing proteins and peptides. Three sizes of humectants ensure hydration but something I didn’t know is that if skin is properly hydrated it doesn’t need exfoliation – it will just self-exfoliate.

Actevna Moisturiser Review

From a provided pipette you take a measure and apply once in the morning and once in the evening. You don’t need anything else at all. Each vial contains a week’s worth of product and you need to use it for at least a month to see any difference. So, to the difference – well, I guess I could say that the skin on my face is permanently in peak hydration. It feels as hydrated when I wake up as it did when I went to sleep. Friends have commented that my skin looks good and actually, it does. It has that happy and easy glow – but it takes a while to reach that – and skin that needs nothing (at least at the moment) more. The surface is smoother for sure, permanently flexible and comfortable and make up sits easily on top of it – there hasn’t been any interaction with other products (I am sure that it was never tested for that… I don’t like to make assumptions about cell biologists but did they check that Actevna is compatible with my favourite Chanel Water Tint? I think not, but it is).

Actevna Moisturiser Review

On the downside, it’s expensive and the pipette’s worth didn’t feel like quite enough product per go although I am sure it has been exquisitely calibrated. I wanted my neck hydrated as well so perhaps it doesn’t take that into account. I ended up tipping what I thought was about a generous pipettes worth and ran out too soon of course. I am not sure completely about the science – it’s probably a bit technical for my level of beauty understanding which is why practical tests are so important and useful. Fitting this around other products has been interesting – I really wanted to give Actevna its best shot so avoided my eye area to test a beauty gadget and a cream for rash prone skin on those (handy since I did actually have a rash on one of my eyelids!) and kept other products to an absolute minimum to have at least a viewpoint. I’ve managed to keep at least two weeks at a time entirely clear of other moisturising products although I’ve tested plenty of cleansers. I think I’ve got two vials left – I should probably have three or four but have been too liberal, I know.

The thing about Actevna is it just takes all the effort out of skin care – it’s boiled down just precisely what skin needs, stripping away anything we ‘think’ we need. It’s probably the most time efficient skin care I’ve ever used and to be honest, faffing about with this and that is starting to feel old – I don’t know if I want a ‘regime’ when clearly, a simple routine works just as well. If Actevna is within budget, I don’t have a moment’s hesitation in recommending – it wouldn’t surprise me if the brand ends up in Harrods or Selfridges with a big refrigerated counter and pools of dry ice around it ;-). Someone will snap this up I am certain. You can find four skin type versions HERE for £165 for 9 vials which should be 3 months worth – the breakdown is £55 per month which perhaps isn’t as expensive as it first seemed. I’ll be sorry when I have to move on from Actevna to test other products.

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