Babe Balm

I’ve always said that I’m not particularly interested in ‘natural’ beauty over and above any other sort but brands like this make me do a double take. I’m on the edge of reconsidering. Actually, I was reading through the website, where the founders, Elsie and Dominkia, say that they went from reading food labels to reading beauty labels. When it’s put in that context, somehow that does change things. I do read food labels, particularly since reducing gluten in my diet, so perhaps I need to be more choosy about what goes on my skin. Obviously, at some point in the future because one of the hazards (and benefits)  of a beauty blog is that you end up trying all sorts of things for the greater good and a decent variety of reviews. My skin doesn’t react often (the last time was the Glam Glow with the green bits in it – avoid) so I feel I can afford to take what comes. It’s more about cutting out unnecessary stuff like fillers – I don’t mind a bit of science-wizardry although I’m always highly sceptical until proved otherwise that they really do anything much. Oh, speaking of, I read something the other day questioning our obsession with anti-oxidants in skin care and to be frank, I have wondered about it for some time – I’m honestly not sure how helpful they are.

Babe Balm

So, back to the actual product, Babe Balm. What a great name and what a beautifully skin softening and hydrating product it is. It’s for dry patches pretty much anywhere on the body – I actually have it on the backs of my hands as I type and it’s almost instantly softening. What’s a bit disappointing is that they say it smells like a tropical sunset which I imagine to be something wonderful but in fact, it doesn’t smell of anything much really other than generic ‘balm’. There’s a full ingredient list on Beautymart (and the brand’s own site) but highlights are Kokum butter, monoi (which is what made me think it would smell better than it does), squalene, Hibiscus and Calendula.

If you’re beginning to embrace the less trend that includes sustainability, ethical products, small batch production, organic ingredients, cruelty free and recyclability (packaging is totally biodegradable) then Babe Balm is what your future looks like. Babe Balm is £19 HERE.


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