[unpaid/sample] As you might know if you drop by here regularly, I have a tiny tattoo of a north star hidden on the side of my middle finger on my right hand. I wanted a tattoo for a long time but never found the right design for me until I began looking at stars. It so happened that my son’s friend is a tattoo artist so the time between deciding on the design and getting the actual tattoo was just a bit over 24 hours (because she very kindly fitted me in).

The Ink Balm Tattoo Balm Review

It’s not as though I have a sleeve than needs attention so for my little tattoo I don’t use anything special – hand creams and body lotions that inevitably gets on my hands seems to be plenty to help it keep its colour and form nicely. However, if I had a larger tattoo, I’d certainly need a reliable balm to keep the colour vibrancy and to stop any dryness around the area. Tattooed skin is a balm situation rather than a lotion situation.

The Ink Balm Tattoo Balm Review

It turns out that having a tattoo on your right hand in such a secretive place is very hard to photograph by yourself, but here we are. The Ink Balm Tattoo Balm is a nourishing and slightly glossing mix of shea, coconut and apricot oils, with mango seed butter and candelilla wax that all adds up to an intensely hydrating balm with which to slather your ink. The fact that it is a stick is better yet – so much easier to give a quick once over to your designs, no matter how big or small. It’s not just for tattoos – dry shins, elbows and feet can call benefit from some intense hydration. It looks like The Ink Balm changes up its designers for the packaging and in doing that, showcases different designers. This one is by @rubyrose_design but on the Superdrug site currently, design is by @callumblack.ink. The balm stick is £12 HERE – good value, good gift and good fun.

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