Bharti Vyas Face & Neck Polisher

I know this name will be very familiar to a good proportion of BBB readers – Bharti became a household name in the 90’s for her in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic principles within beauty therapies (she wrote 8 books on the subject!). She produced the Skin Wisdom range for Tesco but always had her own product line for anyone visiting her clinic. Bharti is still very much practicing beauty therapy, along with her daughters, in Marylebone.

Her beauty product range is about to get a make-over which is what brought this post to mind – there are so many skin care ranges around at the moment and I really fancied a blast back to simpler times. Actually, simpler beauty times are ahead as well as behind – wait for Skip Beauty to really take hold; born of a weariness of the many-step beauty routines, Korea is tired of giving up so much energy to their skin care with new brands popping up with tightly edited product ranges, turning their backs on multiple products.

The word ‘polisher’ is slightly misleading – it’s more an exfoliating cleanser and a very good cleanser at that. Containing walnut shell shavings (I know – I did an aghast face at the thought of walnut shell, but trust me, these are tiny and not in the least sharp) and it’s the same one that she uses in treatments in her clinic. Bharti uses a natural sponge to remove and I think that’s a big part of the secret – certainly doing more exfoliation than the walnut. It’s not a traditionally ‘natural’ range – you’ll find SLS in there for example – but olive, neroli and capsicum oils with vitamins B and E are contributing to a very thorough, skin silkening cleanse that my complexion loves. I’m following the cleanse on with a CBD oil (post coming up) and the two products are doing an epic job with no extras and no frills. I think I’m doing Skip beauty without realising!

With this job, I have to move on even when I don’t want to because there are so many products to test out and try but it will be a wrench with the two I’m using just now – so simple and so effective. You can find Bhart’s cleanser for £22.50 HERE.


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