[productsample/affiliate] Exfoliators are probably the most pleasing skin care products, especially if there is a noticeable difference after you’ve used them.

Ark Skinperfector Triple Action Exfoliator

I love an enzymatic exfoliator as well as a scrubby one, and Ark’s version is both so it’s the best of both worlds to get rid of dead skin cells and give your complexion an all over brighten and perk up. If you haven’t exfoliated in a while, it’s really quite astonishing the difference just getting thoroughly rid of daily grime and old cells makes… it’s almost worth not doing it just for the eureka moment when you finally do.

Ark Skinperfector Triple Action Exfoliator

Using fruit acids (bilberry, orange and lemon) to bolster the enzymatic part of the formula, the texture is quite strongly buffing – it reminds me of the ‘diamond’ exfoliators that I haven’t seen around for a while. But, it’s bamboo micro beads which means they’re nicely rounded off and therefore won’t cause micro tears. When I tried it out last night, I was impressed with the ultra soft feel of my complexion and the light layer of silky oil that left a film on my skin after rinsing. And yes, my skin looks brighter, so it’s a very thorough and effective product.

Ark suggests usage by age (i.e. teens and twenties wash off straight away, 30s and 40s leave on (after massaging) for 2 minutes and 50+ leave on for five minutes) but there is no prescription for this – you do you! How much enzymatic action you need is more determined by skin type than age so do be your own skin care expert here and play about with it to see what length of time suits you. Look Fantastic has 20% off at the moment making it £30 instead of £35 HERE, non aff HERE.

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