I can exactly remember when I discovered the Kate Somerville brand – New York, Henri Bendel’s, 2010. I was so excited when the assistant told me it was coming to the UK – which it didn’t, properly until 2018! At the time, I bought the Goat’s Milk Moisturising Cream and since then, the brand has found its way into my bathroom in many forms. Exfolikate® is a regular favourite, as is Delikate® Soothing Cleanser, and in summer months, the wondrous UncompliKated SPF50. We have never had more choice in how to treat our skin than we do now.


Today, we are welcoming KateCeuticals, an intense, active, results-driven range inspired by Kate’s work at her clinic, The Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts Clinic in Hollywood. I’m really happy to discover that the products focus on the importance of peptides in keeping skin bouncy and fresh and as a reminder, here’s the Peptide 101:

Our bodies make collagen naturally and it gradually declines in production level over time. Peptides are immense collagen stimulators being amino acids that support the skin’s structure so it’s always going to be beneficial to find them in a formula.


I’ve been trialling KateCeuticals Total Repair Cream, £105 (Travel Size £35) HERE, which is a powerhouse in the peptide department combining ceramides and peptides in a unique complex, giving deep hydration that shows on the complexion within days and feels silkening within seconds. All the big guns are in the mix – hyaluronic acid, squalane and Vitamin E – with an omega laden base of hemp, macademia and jojoba seed oils.


I’m very forgiving of my skin for not being ‘perfect’, because, let’s face it, what is? But I do like my complexion to look radiant and glowy – I like to see the light bounce, softness and flexibility that comes from exceptional hydration, which KateCeuticals Total Repair Cream undoubtedly gives. An added draw for me is the underlying barrier repair that’s taking place, helping to reduce lipid loss, and the emergence of a smoother skin texture. Bottom line is that the better hydrated your complexion, the fuller, glowier and more well it looks.

If you want belt and braces, I’ve also been putting KateCeuticals Firming Serum, £84 (Travel Size £28) HERE, to the test for its smoothing and plumping action and – my favourite thing – its generous luminosity giving. After about five days of use my skin actually felt firmer. It contains a tri-peptide complex (tri-peptide 5, one of the smallest peptides), hyaluronic acid, myrrh extracts, nasturtium flower and Vitamin E. I honestly had no idea nasturtiums (one of my favourite flowers) were such a skin care gold mine – benefits include increasing cell turnover rate, oxygenating (a key step in facials at the Kate Somerville Clinic) and texture smoothing which are particularly beneficial to older skin in helping to up the glow and plump out skin creasing. Who knew?! But, I’ll gladly take those flower powered benefits alongside the peptide infusion because they translate to a gorgeous effect that gives your complexion life and light.

I don’t know when spas and clinics will be open again for those mood boosting, moisture surge facials and treatments but I do know impactful and thoughtful formulas when I find them. I’m not particularly a fan of a spa or facial but even I’m missing the option of being properly pampered (I’d love a manicure). Feel free to add your own fluffy towels and robes (preferably warmed) to get into the KateCeutical zone 😉


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