[unpaid/sample] Lifting mascaras rarely provide any lasting height to lashes but I’d say the sustained lift in this formula is its absolute selling point. Successful lift – i.e. keeping lashes curved upwards giving a more open look to the eye – does depend somewhat on the lashes before anything else. If you have an abundance of poker straight lashes, it’s going to be a challenge for any formula. But, if you have a natural, gentle curve, the new Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara will do a good job of amplifying that.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara

There’s definitely a luxury feel to the packaging – it isn’t your average plastic tube… there is some weight and gloss to it that feels cool and reassuringly heavy.

Future Lash

Of course, this is my very favourite type of brush for creating well defined lashes that don’t look overloaded. It’s also ideal for short or sparse lashes because you can get it really close to the lash roots and therefore coat everything. Speaking of coating – I immediately thought of it as a tubing formula. However, it doesn’t claim to be tubing, instead citing Instant Removal Technology (IRT), but I can’t find out anything else about that. I think it’s tubing, they’re not saying specifically that it is, so who knows for certain! I can tell you that it doesn’t flake one bit. Future Lash comes off with water (press a damp cloth to your lashes and swipe gently downwards) although you can use oil if you wish. The formula uses plant based polymers, is enriched with shea butter and niacinamide for softer and stronger lashes (over time) – and it doesn’t give crispy looking lashes no matter how many coats you pile on. Two was fine for me because it’s a very deep black but keep going for more volume. It’s for you if you like precision definition and longer looking lashes that are easy to clean off. It’s not for you if you like fat brushes and tons of volume. Future Lash is £26 HERE.


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