[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve put off trying RevitaLash for years – there was just something about the length of time vs results that put me off so I didn’t get round to it until lock down.  And, it is a long wait to see any changes – I think I’ve been using it daily for at least seven weeks – perhaps more. But finally, finally, I have passed the stage of wondering if my lashes are longer to being absolutely certain that they are.


RevitaLash conditions your lashes making them stronger and at the same time lengthens your their life cycle so that they don’t fall out so regularly and have the opportunity to grow longer. Key ingredients include biotin, Vitamin B and a mix of peptides and lipids all of which help to thicken and strengthen. I can’t say that I’ve seen particularly thicker hairs but it’s really hard to tell with lashes! You have to see the results and judge for yourself but I’m really pleased (there was a point at which I thought nothing would happen) and it will only keep getting better from here. This is really expensive so you can look at similar ingredient products that aren’t quite so much, but my feeling is that this is gold standard and if you’re in,  you might as well be in with the best.


It was developed by an opthalmologist, is vegan and this size should last around 3 months. I think it’s something I’ll continue to use – maybe play about with the number of times per week but such a noticeable difference is worth the expense I think. NB: I found a good price saving on Amazon which now doesn’t seem to be valid, so the price is £97 HERE.



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