[productsample/affiliate] Soooooo, this is the make up item I’m least likely to ever wear because you need the precision of an architect to get that perfect line. I can’t, I’ve tried, so I don’t. However, I’ve done some arm swatches and while that’s not good enough to test the 36 hour wear (although, why? It doesn’t even take that long to get to Australia), it’s fine to look at the texture, depth of pigment and formula.

Maybelline Tattoo Liner 36 Hour Wear

There’s no doubt that this is very black and – what you lay down, stays down. The finish is a sheeny black – it’s as close to a vinyl finish as I’ve seen but I think the thing that’s most amazing about it is how it comes off. You just need to wipe it and it comes away – a bit like peeling off a sticker but far less trouble.

Maybelline Tattoo Liner 36 Hour Wear

While this swatch is a perfect example of why I never put anything like this near my eyes (imagine!), it is an exact replication of how it goes on and the finish. I gave it a good rub over to see if it moved – it didn’t – and to remove I applied more pressure and the lines just rolled away leaving absolutely no trace it was ever there. It’s perhaps not the most exciting product in the world but sometimes these day to day beauty items are the ones that hold the most innovation – it feels as though the brand has addressed an eye liner ink problem (staining and difficult removal) thoroughly and thoughtfully. It’s £9.99 HERE, non affiliate HERE.


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