Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

I love the packaging for the new Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara – why not have a bit of bling on your mascara? That gold lid is great! But…. the brush. The theory is that it’s a multi tasking brush, with the extra bit on the end designed to pay attention to lash detail – actually the brand calls that bit the ‘crown’ hence the name of the mascara. In theory, it should make it easier to get those finer hairs close to your inner eye corners and any hard to catch outer ones too. In practice, for me at least, it doesn’t work. It’s just an annoying bit in the way of getting proper coverage!

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara

I just think if you’re wafting something about perilously close to your eyes, you don’t necessary want any extra sticky out bits. The best thing about this mascara is that it does a decent brown shade – it’s almost a greyed brown that turns quite dark on the lashes but doesn’t give the starkness that black can if you are fair complexioned or grey or blond haired. The mascara itself is perfectly okay – I’ve worn it all day and it’s still in place with no smudges. If you’re yet to find the ideal brown shade for lashes, I’d recommend this but otherwise, it’s ordinary without being awful. You can find it HERE for £10.99.

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