[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Everyone knows MAC’s iconic Studio foundations – first launched around 1993 when MAC was much more of an artistry brand than a consumer brand. A foundation for the body was something that your average make up buyer had never even heard of. However, here we are in 2021, with it still a best seller for the brand. When I first started blogging – transitioning away from traditional journalism – the most frequent question I was asked was what my MAC foundation shade was. People would email with, ‘I am NC12 in MAC, what will I be in Givenchy?’ for example, or, ‘we are similar tones – what are you in MAC?’. So, their colour coding system was a language of its own. As you can see from the post title, MAC has brought out a sheer version for the lighter coverage we are looking for at the moment.

MAC Studio Radiance Face & Body SHEER Foundation

Original Studio Fluid is matte – but a kind matte – the Radiance version obviously gives a bit more glow but we are not talking the full ‘dew’. The Radiant Sheer means it’s glowy and sheer – more like a tinted moisture effect and yet just a bit more coverage than than. If you like ‘barely there’, this is up a level – it’s more ‘there but just’. I’m explaining badly, I know! On the skin it feels nicely hydrating and very light despite the fact that it has 8 hour wear and of course, you can build it up if it’s a bit too fresh skin with one application.

MAC Studio Radiance Face & Body SHEER Foundation

This is my shade – N3 – and it’s a perfect match for my skin at the moment. I’ve done a quick IGTV on (my very tired) face which you can see HERE, but I’ve done a couple of screen grabs of before and after below – they’re not elegant but do give an accurate representation. MAC Studio Radiance is £27 HERE and available in 30 shades. Non-affiliate link is HERE. It seems like the perfect spring coverage – not ready for nothing, and not willing to go back to full on.

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