[productsample/affiliate] This is an interesting move from Giorgio Armani into natural and earthy shades and away from bolder colour.

Giorgio Armani Color Sketchers

The new collection is segmented into categories: Beige tones (2), Brown tones (2), Pink tones (4) and Plum tones (2).

The effects are completely different on both lip and cheek (which is what they’re meant for) because if your skin is light or medium toned your undertone is lighter on the cheek than on your lips. So, what looks like a little bit of colour on the lip translates to quite a lot of colour for the cheek. If your tone is deep this won’t be as much of an issue, but you’ll still need to vary the amount and intensity that you apply when you swap between the two places.

Giorgio Armani Color Sketchers

Although the Color Sketchers look like they’re more natural for lips because of the pencil style, they blend beautifully on the cheek too. I made three stripes across my cheeks in Sepia (1) and it was too much! Yet on my lips, it looked natural and pared back. So, go in at one stripe, blend, then add another if needed. Don’t deep dive like I did!

Giorgio Armani Color Sketchers

From bottom to top in the swatch: Sepia (1), Taupe (5), Auburn (9), Dragee (7), Amaretto (2), Nuda (6) and Terra (4). They’re quite pricey at £31 each (John Lewis HERE, non aff HERE for this month) but they’re tidy and small so an easy handbag carry about, as well as being good for both cheek and lips. I like them a lot more than I thought I would because the smallness of them belies their abilities.

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