[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This is a re-visit because the weather could not be worse for us frizzy ladies! I’ve been relatively untroubled by frizz so far this (ahem) summer but the past few days have been the humidity days from hell – warm, wet, thundery and unreliable. I came home last Friday from walking Dora and was truly horrified at my hair in the mirror – it was just unspeakable. So, for a family event on Sunday I knew I had to put some effort in and out came my (quite old) bottle of Color Wow.

I really don’t like putting ‘stuff’ in my hair – it always feels sticky or wrong somehow once it dries. However, I could hand on heart say that with Dream Coat it really doesn’t feel any different. Very simply put, Dream Coat works using a heat activated polymer (so use it before you blow dry) that covers every strand in a kind of ‘raincoat’ that stops moisture getting in. And it works – although the claims are that it lasts between three and four shampoos, I cannot say that I have found it so in the past. But when you’re in the throws of a frizz episode, who cares!


The first picture is a somewhat bleary morning (it was the football the night before – what can I say!) one just after I’d blow dried at about 9am. The second picture is from on the train home (yes, it was a long day and I was as tired as I look) 9ish hours later. In that time, I’d been outside briefly in light rain and the air was heavy with thunder and rain all day long. I don’t think that the mild puffiness – bearing in mind I didn’t brush my hair before the train pic – is at all bad. My hair just looks a bit volumised – compared to Friday’s absolute bin fire hair with no Dream Coat, this is pretty damn good. There’s an Extreme version of Dream Coat which I have used (I can’t remember how I got on) and if you’re in the eye of the frizz storm, either are worth getting hold of. It’s currently £19.95 HERE.


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