Fenty Beauty Shimmer Match Stix

I know. They’re really, really lovely! At the moment, the first phase of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna comprises the Match Stix, Foundation in 40 shades, primer, brushes, highlighter, one universal shade gloss, blush (3), blotting powder and blotting paper. Match Stix split into concealing/contouring/correcting (20 shades) and highlight/blush/enhance (10 shades). It’s the latter that really caught my eye so for now that’s my focus from the range. They’re £21 each which I really don’t find unreasonable. There is obviously a whole heap of other products to come – glaring gaps such as mascara, lipsticks, liners etc must be filled in the next phases but for the moment, it’s pretty much all complexion focussed.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

The first thing you need to know about these is that they are SO magnetic – the reason that they’re photographed all in a chunk is because they don’t like to stay apart: I’ve been jumping out of my skin putting them in a neat row and then they suddenly all clack together! The reason for the magnet is because you can have a couple side by side, or a shimmer stix with a concealer stix and the brush (sold separately) together, fling the group into your bag and you’re good to go. In terms of texture, they’re smooth, but not so buttery they go oily or glisteny, and they feel like air on the skin. They’ve got great ‘gleam’ and lustre and are more about pearly shimmer than glitter. So, that light catchy, shade shifty thing on cheek bones.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

In this swatch, from bottom to top, it’s : Rum (golden bronze), Confetti (iridescent), Starstruck (champagne gold), Yacht Lyfe (pink gold) and Trippin (peach gold).

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

In this swatch, from bottom to top, it’s : Chili Mango (orange gold), Blonde (yellow gold), Sinamon (antique gold) and Unicorn (violet sheen). They’re HERE. I’m missing one – Ridiiic. I think these are good entry point into the brand but before you rush to buy, remember there will be many more products to come – skin products, such as foundation and concealer aren’t the easiest to buy on line so you may prefer to hang fire and wait for more drops. The things I wouldn’t go for are the tools, bar the the little magnet brushes that will be so useful for the stix – the rest are okay without being exceptional and with so many great, affordable brushes around, I’d be spending my pennies (pounds!) on the actual make up products instead.

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