[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] So, I’m having something of a love-in with e.l.f. right now – you know when you get passionate about one product, it makes you want to try the rest out? I am sure that I’ve featured Wow Brow before but when I wrote about the eye crayon several people mentioned Wow Brow as their go-to so I felt it needs another outing and for me to put it through its paces again.

e.l.f. Wow Brow

Unfortunately for me I’ve picked the very day that the entire e.l.f. site is down for maintenance but I think I’m correct in saying there is no grey option. Which has opened a whole can of worms because grey brow products are rare as hen’s teeth it seems. This is prime time for anyone who has discovered that grey is great during lock down to want complimentary make up products. Grey hair can change your perception of skin tone and the one main thing you can do to ensure you keep your features prominent is keep your brows a shade or two deeper than your hair – it makes a huge difference. I say one main thing – there are two and the other is to invest in a bright lipstick (preferably red) – I’ve yet to meet the grey haired woman who doesn’t look amazing with a bright lip.

e.l.f. Wow Brow

But the issue really, is that brands like e.l.f. and the myriad of like brands, is that very few think further than the age of 25. Hello, we are here! With cash! There’s absolutely a gap in the market for a grey brow gel – your options are pretty much, in the UK at least, Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumising Eyebrow Gel in Grey which is excellent but £22.50 (HERE), a GOSH Grey Brown version, £4.99 HERE, and a recent find, MUA Brow Define Sculpting Gel in Grey at a more reasonable £4 HERE . I find it a very striking look particularly if you still have a few deeper strands amongst the lighter tones. If your grey still has brown tones to it, you’ll be fine with an e.l.f. version (or GOSH Grey Brown) which works as well as any other I’ve tried – I’m wearing Brunette today which is not the dark brown shock I’ve had with other brands using the same name. It’s a gentler version and almost my natural colour but takes it deeper by a bit and a half, and just gives extra shape and definition. I’ve been wary of fibre gels in the past because I don’t personally need more brow, I just need tidy brow, and this fits that bill to perfection. Superdrug has it HERE. I’ve been through every page of ‘brow gels’ on Superdrug and have found only two in grey which is a much bigger story than whether you have tidy brows or not.

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