Diorshow Pro Liner

There are several new products heading our way from Dior, but the most interesting, I think are the Diorshow Pro Liner and the Diorshow Brow Styler Gel – both launching on 1st May.

Diorshow Pro Liner

First of all the Diorshow Pro Liner. It’s not exactly a new idea to have a liner shaped like this with a flattened tip; others have already been here, but the liner formulation is beautiful – I guess a cross between a liquid and solid liner. It feels almost like a gel liner. To be honest, I’m better off with a liner pencil having never perfected the cat-flick line or anything more advanced than just a line on the lid, but with this shape it means you can go thick line or thin line fairly easily. I love the idea of a 60’s style thick line. Pigment is on the intense level so the line is deepest black. It’s not all that clear how you maintain the preciseness of the edge, upon which a graphic eye depends, but I suppose it’s self sustaining. The liner comes in six shades – black, brown, blue, khaki, grey and purple.

The Diorshow Brow Styler Gel is quite a handy handbag gadget to have at your fingertips for on the go grooming – I have the clear gel, but it’s available in two shades of brown and a blonde, too. You twist the bottom end to make the gel ooze out of the brush end so you can then touch it to your brows. The finish, on the transparent gel anyway, is definitely sleeking in that it gives brows a tiny bit of sheenwith absolutely zero stickiness and it’s strangely hair softening in the way that hair serum is on your tresses! My brows lay smoother, but it’s not that great at defining because the brush is rigid and quite chunky. The coloured versions wouldn’t be good on very thin brows, but thicker brows should be absolutely fine with this. Again, the Diorshow Brow Styler Gel hits stores on May 1st for £21. The Diorshow Pro Liner is £19. Both debut at Selfridges.

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