Clinique Skinny Liners

While I have BIG love for the new Clinique Chubby Mascaras, it’s the opposite story for their new liners, Skinny Sticks and Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. First of all, both my Skinny Stick testers broke as soon as I used the revolving … erm.. I’m realising I don’t know the word for that bit at the top, so I’ll stick to that.. bit at the top, and I don’t think I over-revolved either. You’d need to keep them literally just showing at the surface of the plastic tip I think, which to me, doesn’t make any sense. They don’t exactly skim across the skin either. The Clinique Skinny Liner is made to two thirds the diametre of regular pencils, which means you can go in really close to the lash line and I can see they’re good partners for the mascara, but in my practical test, they just didn’t make the grade.

Clinique Liquid Liner

It’s a better story with the liquid version, although, if you’re like me and struggle with felt tip style liners, this ultra fine version is even worse! But that’s not reflective of the product, it’s reflective of my incompetence! This is the finest nib I’ve come across on any tip liner with excellent fluidity and the deepest, darkest black line ever. If you’re good with these types of liners, it’s impressively thin. The Clinique Liquid Liner is £19 and the Clinique Skinny Liners are £15, available from 31st July on and counters.

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