Chanel Brow Gel

As part of the Chanel Eyes Collection (including all the single shadows I showed you last week) launching on 30th June, there are three new Brow Gels. I don’t do much with my brows to be honest – they don’t need ‘taming’ but I suppose for balance, they are better darkened down a bit. I used Brun to test – it’s dark so would suit all brunette shades, while Blond is for anything the other side of brunette. I’m kind of surprised that Chanel doesn’t include a grey brow gel in this – a) for the fashion greys and b) for the true greys. A grey brow gel makes all of the difference in giving eyes frame and definition (the best currently is Bobbi Brown, £18.50 HERE) and especially if you’re doing the glorious look of a bright red lipstick against a grey hair backdrop. Lucia Pica is all about red in all its variants, so this seems like a glaring hole in the brow collection.

Chanel Brow

In testing, of course it lasted the day – it did what I expected it to do. It’s an easy thing to define your brows when the mascara tip is exactly the right size, which it is.

Chanel Brow Gel

But, I don’t know that I’d rate it above all other things. I guess if you have a make up bag full of Chanel then it will fit right in, but there are other brow gels on the market that don’t cost £26 a pop that will do the same job. But, there are two months to ponder this one!

Bobbi Non Aff Link HERE. 

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