Beauty Trends 2020/21

Once a year or so I meet up with Rachael from beauty distribution group, Cornelius. She takes me through projected trends for the coming years – usually from key trend predictors, BASF, who manufacture colours for make-up brands. In past years, projections have been more lively but I pulled out three products to share that I think look interesting. The gold tube is a film forming, peel-off metallic eye liner and it really, really works! I tested in on both my hand and my eye and it pulled away in one straight (actually crinkly!) line without breaking up at all. This particular shade is Marmalade Margarita formed of orange, copper and gold. It’s super shiny.

Beauty Trends 2020/21

The yellow powder that you see is Powder Spray Eyeshadow. You don’t actually spray it at your eye – you spray out onto your hand and pick up with a brush from there. It’s a different route to the same destination really, but the bigger picture is making cosmetics more ‘experience’ based and interactive and in that respect, it works. I’ve already seen a spray powder from one brand and I have to admit I didn’t love it. The peachy looking pot is a bouncy highlighter – I’m pleased to see this trend get bigger. The highlight starts as a wet-feeling, bouncy gel and dries very quickly to a highly shiny powder. Again, it’s experience and texture based.

Other trend predictions (although in my experience the dates given are more peak trend than the beginning of the trend) are for mirror mousses (moussy colours that burnish to a high metallic gleam), and hair make-up. Each product has a very clear ingredient list banded into section A, section B and Section C in my my information booklet, and there are recipes:

  1. Mix Phase A while stirring until it is completely homogenous. 2. Add Phase B to Phase A while stirring. 3. Add Phase C to AB.

That makes you an All-Over Balm, apparently!



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