[unpaid/sample] Hair cleansing wipes? So much right about this quick fix for oily roots and yet a couple of wrongs, too. I’ll start with the wrong – who thought to put white writing on a pale blue packet? It’s so hard to read especially when it comes to the important bits like ingredients and the ‘keep out of reach of children’ label. Because they look so much like face cleansing wipes it would be easy to miss that bit – that warning is on my face wipes but is easier to see. Also, £17 for 20. I think I paid about £3 for my last packet of cleansing wipes (not regularly used but useful to have for swatches and emergencies like laziness and wine) and household cleaning wipes about the same. So, I do not understand at all how £17 came about.

Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths Review

That said, I’m an advocate of the fringe wash and hair up method of delaying a full wash and blow dry by a day or so. Quickly washing your fringe (if you have one) and then tying back the rest of your hair gives the illusion that all your hair is nice and freshly clean and it’s obviously far, far quicker than the alternative. The wipes actually do work for that fix – I was really impressed that my fringe got back its separation and if not bounce, exactly, certainly looked more lively than it had previously.

Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths Review

As far as I can tell, it’s witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) that’s doing the bulk of the work – it’s a known solution for greasy roots. I wouldn’t at all recommend that you just slosh witch hazel on your head because usually in product it’s very, very dilute but it’s a good anti-inflammatory and astringent ingredient that can mop up oils and sweat. It’s not for you if you have a very dry scalp or hair. The cloths should be used at the roots of hair or on your fringe for a super quick freshen up. I can see their purpose for unexpected desk to dinner days or gym to gin. You can find Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Hair Cleanse Cloths HERE.


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