No Rinse Shampoo Cap

[productsample/affiliate] If ever a product has needed a re-brand it’s the no-water shampoo cap. I think they’re mostly intended for elder care or disability, but my curiosity was very much piqued because of Lucy’s accident a couple of summers ago. She was hit by a van as a pedestrian (she stepped out without thinking) and broke her shoulder in 3 places. Hair washing was an absolute nightmare for at least six weeks because she couldn’t do it herself, it was so uncomfortable for her to bend and her best option was for the hairdresser to do it in the lean back sink but even that wasn’t possible for a few weeks because of the angles. In the end, I had to do it while she sat in the bath. This shampoo cap would have been an absolute godsend in the early days.

No Rinse Shampoo Cap

I’ve given it a test run (with trepidation). The way it works is that the inside of the cap is pre-filled with a kind of conditioning shampoo – there is some water but it’s not a wet process – and after 10 seconds or so in the microwave, you pop it on your head and massage for 20 seconds or as long as it takes for your hair to feel saturated. You then towel dry if needed and go straight to your blow dry or leave it to dry naturally.

So, in terms of being exactly the same as a wash and condition in the shower, it isn’t that. My hair definitely looked and felt refreshed though, and smelled super-clean. You don’t get the squeak or separation that you get with a proper wash and blow dry but as a stop-gap, I’m quite impressed. Uses for this are multiple – festivals was my immediate thought which is why I say the product needs a re-brand or make-over (get some Pucci patterns all over it!). As it stands, it’s very utilitarian looking and kind of medical. It needs to shift from a care product to a cool product I think to tap into festival or travel and there has to be an opening for a kid’s version if you have one that hates hair washing. However, it’s also made me realise that this kind of product has a very useful place in the world outside of care, especially if you break your arm by letting a van get you! It’s £21.99 HERE non aff HERE for a pack of five but singles are available if you search about a bit.

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