[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s a great moment when products perform wayyyyy beyond expectations, but it’s definitely happened with Drybar Liquid Glass. Frustratingly, it’s hard to get digestible information on how ‘reverse micellar technology’ works – the method that Drybar uses for this product – but as simply as I can put it, the formulation pulls in amino acids to replenish the hair’s lipid layer by filling in porous gaps. If I go to the science websites that I use to help me understand certain things, they say reverse micellar technology is used for ‘the isolation, extraction and purification of proteins and enzymes’ and that is the most straightforward science talk I can find. You’re supposed to use it between shampoo and conditioner but I didn’t use conditioner afterwards – just didn’t need it.

Drybar Liquid Glass

I’m not going to over-think it because Drybar Liquid Glass Instant Glossing Rinse has given my post-covid fall out hair the gloss of its life! My hair is still in the process of coming back – I have a distinct layer of hair that’s much shorter than the rest of it and that is the new growth. The follicles are doing their job and I just have to wait (I used the Current Body LED Hair Regrowth Device HERE but I’ll genuinely never know whether that’s what did the job – I feel that it did help to get things going again, but there is just no way to tell whether it might have made its own way back…) for it to be all one length again. I am not complaining because I’m just so grateful it’s returned but one thing I will say is that it very, very hard to get it shiny.

Drybar Liquid Glass Review

Look at that! For me, it’s incredible. In fact, after I had blow dried my hair, I was so excited to catch it on camera that I am still in my pyjamas! Drybar Liquid Glass Rinse is similar to L’Oreal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water (which I also love and is much cheaper at £5 on offer HERE) but it’s thicker in consistency and frankly, the next level up in the category. At £32, I’d probably be saving it for special occasions rather than daily use although I will warn you that the shine is quite temporary – once you’ve slept on it, the smoothness, and therefore the mega shine, lessens. I’d advise, if you have one, that you use a silk pillow case (my favourites are HERE and currently on offer – buy one get one free) which will help it last a bit longer. It’s a big recommend for hard-to-shine hair – Drybar Liquid Glass Instant Glossing Rinse is HERE. Another quick tip is not to use it straight from the nozzle – either decant into a spray or put some in your hands to then work through. If you use it from the nozzle you’ll end up getting far more than you actually need to do the job.


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