[purchase/affiliate] I’ve wanted to try the Glaze Super Colour Conditioning Gloss since it came out but have a back log of hair products to test and try and have only just got around to using it. It’s short term – and short time – dye (so do all the usual checks and pre-tests) that you wear for ten minutes before rinsing away from dry hair.

Glaze Super Colour Conditioning Gloss

Instructions for use have to be looked up because there aren’t any on the bottle which seems very strange to me. However, even after looking up the instructions for use, I still wasn’t sure how much to use – the whole bottle? half? less than that? It just wasn’t ever clear or an easily findable piece of knowledge. Eventually, I settled on about half the bottle – you’ll need to take the cap off entirely (I imagine this cap will be the first thing the brand changes when they get around to it) because the product is thick and no way is it willingly coming out of the relatively tiny nozzle without putting up a good fight. You leave it for ten minutes and then rinse away.

Glaze Super Colour Conditioning Gloss

I can’t deny that it put an amazing shine on my hair – thank you Babassu oil for that – and that it felt incredibly soft, swishy and flexible. It gave a colour boost rather than a colour change, bringing out all the brown tones in my hair and leaving it looking refreshed and vibrant. However, I think that Glaze Super Colour Conditioning Gloss is the sort of treatment you’d do pre-special event without expectation that it will last you much longer than a couple of days. I’ve subsequently washed my hair and am not replicating that brilliant shine level which is billed to last up to ten washes. I think it really depends upon how the measurements for the claim are calculated but there isn’t much detail on that. I would genuinely recommend it for a special occasion or just if you feel like being swishy in the short term – it may last better on some hair types than others and it put a spring in my step because the initial shine is incredible. I loved the effect and would have liked it to last me forever, never mind up to ten washes :-). Glaze Super Colour Conditioning Gloss is on offer at Superdrug HERE for £8.65 instead of £12.99. There’s a clear glaze HERE (which I’ll try next) if you don’t want to mess with your existing colour but fancy a brief flirt with ultra shiny hair.


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