Color Wow Dream Coat

Well, I am cursing India Knight whose weekend feature in The Times has sold this product out! She’s given it a glowing review (as did Oprah) so it’s temporarily one of the most difficult to get hold of hair products around.

I got my hairdresser to apply this to my hair after a cut and dye last week and it’s had one wash since then. We had the most perfect humid conditions with damp, warm weather for me to put this to the test. So, day 2 after Kelsey had applied it liberally to my hair before blow drying was disappointing. I did my usual dog walk and came home with hair double the size that I’d left the house with. Hairdresser blow dries are usually fool proof on their own so I was very surprised at just how much of a fail Dream Coat was. BUT, here is the thing. When I brushed it, it fell straight back into being post-hairdresser blow dry as though I’d never so much as shown the dog the front door. So, that coating (which you cannot feel at all) is definitely doing something good in terms of frizz but you need a brush at the ready to help it on its way.

The effects have lasted well after the first wash (the product claims it lasts up to 3 washes) so that ‘waterproofing’ – using heat activated polymers – has lasted. Kelsey was very generous with the product for a thorough coating and I was worried that it would change my hair texture (which it didn’t), but depending upon how much hair you have, you could end up going through a bottle of Dream Coat quite quickly. I think it will also depend heavily on just how much you frizz – mine I would say is moderate – but as long as you remember you may need to brush it back into place every now and again, it’s a big recommend from me. I’ve tracked it down to JD Williams (at the time of writing) HERE – it’s £20.

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