Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel

This relatively new product from Christophe Robin is best used, in my view, for re-colouring roots after they start to grow through after a salon or home dye. I really come and go on dyeing my hair – over last summer, I didn’t touch it at all with dye and all these blonde highlights started to appear which I really liked. However, winter is a different story and my hair just looked very boringly mousy brown so I had it dyed dark brown again (semi-perm). I have some greys but not too many so I’m a good candidate for the CR Temporary Colour Gel.

Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel

For the colour my hair is now, Dark Chestnut is perfect, and the set comes with an applicator brush that looks like a toothbrush but has firmer, more flexible bristles and is ideal for the job of combing through unless you have very, very thick hair and then I think it might struggle with strands. Gloves are provided but for root touches, it’s quite a tidy process especially with the nozzle. The main point about this product is that it doesn’t contain ammonia, peroxide, oxidants or silicones – and speaking of, it’s recommended you wash with a silicone free shampoo before applying. My hair loathes silicone free shampoos so that’s not ideal, personally.  It’s comprised of 92% natural ingredients and pigments and, the brand states that it is suitable for sensitive scalps. So, the test was done on 270 people who had sensitive scalps with 95% stating that it didn’t irritate either skin or scalp. If you’re too sensitive for regular dyes, this might be one for you. You leave the gel on for 40 minutes (if you’re leaving out the bulk of the nasties, you’re going to have to wait a little longer for the results) and after that, do not shampoo!

The results should last you about five washes, so it really is a temporary fix, but perhaps no more bother than a weekly facial, but it may allow you to go longer between salon dyes. It’s £31.50 HERE. I should point out that the one review that exists on SpaceNK is not positive and based on the comment, I think this might be better for darker hair than light. I am only recently dyed so haven’t need to use this yet but I will report back when I do.


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