Christophe Robin Colour Shield Cleansing Mask

This is a really interesting product and not one I think I have come across before – a shampoo/mask hybrid. I made a couple of mistakes the first time I used it, the main one being that I applied far too much and then spent a very long time trying to rinse it out. Things that don’t rinse out easily are my bete noir of beauty and not only was it tedious but I was very conscious of all the water I was using.

Christophe Robin Colour Shield Cleansing Mask

The scent is like clean washing – that sort of fresh and floral aroma – and because the texture is thick, I thought the more the better. Not so! It doesn’t foam up when you apply and you can leave it on for between 5 and 20 minutes (5 is absolutely fine unless you have very dry hair). Add water sparingly to create a light foam after that time and then fully rinse out. As long as you haven’t overloaded, this should be a simple process but you need the water quite hot to cut through the oils in the formula (camu camu, sunflower, macadamia). The result is squeaky clean hair that doesn’t need conditioning afterwards – it held on to my colour nicely and I had lovely shine afterwards. It took the second, more sparing use to get this result – I had to rewash after the overload. The purpose of the mask/shampoo is to provide a deep clean without stripping out colour – on that basis it worked well. I wish it had amount instructions because what a pain to have to rewash. The shine only just made up for it :-)). Christophe Robin Colour Shield Cleansing Mask is £37 HERE for the large pot. You don’t need this if your hair is oily or not coloured.

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