Seasalt & Freesia Fragrance

I have deliberately left the brand name off these fragrances because as we go along I wanted to see if you can guess. This bottle style, or version of, is definitely a trend in perfume to appeal to the pared back, less-is-more consumer that doesn’t want a statement bottle. The statement is the understatement for these consumers.

Seasalt & Freesia Fragrance

Seasalt & Freesia is fresh from the get-go with bright, ozonic notes amongst the lightly sweet floral notes. I don’t detect any salt I have to admit so it needs to be considered more of a garden walk beside water, I think. It’s lovely whatever way you look at it if you love freesia notes and don’t mind a bit of sweetness but the dry down is all freesia and no sign of the seasalt. Nectar & Jasmine has my vote because I love jasmine laden fragrances and it’s unmistakable in this warm and woody blend. I didn’t quite get the pear notes – a general juiciness maybe – but I don’t feel I’ve missed out because… jasmine!

So, will you be surprised to know that they’re from Marks & Spencer? Because I am and it’s a very nice surprise too. They look sophisticated and stylish and the notes are on point – nothing much not to like if you aren’t in the mood to drop £50+ on a fragrance because at £12.50 each I think they’ll fly off the shelves when they launch later this month.  I will say that the last could do with improvement but other than that, I’m in, and I’ll flag up when they’re on-line and/or in-store – hopefully there are some more I can test.

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