[unpaid/sample] I hadn’t come across niche fragrance brand To The Fairest before now but this a brand to put on your perfume radar. I’ve been sent a sample of Aubine which is not only excellently named but falls smack bang into my favourite note category – hello orange blossom!

To The Fairest Aubine

Aubine is described as a modern white floral that aims to capture the luminous mood of a solstice sunrise. Now, this is something that I think few of us will have experienced but it’s something that I think we would all like to if it wasn’t quite so, er, early in the morning! It’s a romantic concept that’s part anticipation, part fantasy and part potential and on that level it speaks to those moods. It’s quite sensual – just saying – and the gardenia/orange blossom notes are heady and rich.

To The Fairest Aubine Fragrance

I tend to categorise candles by the room in my house they’d feel most appropriate in – this one is straight to the bedroom to burn while getting ready to go out somewhere lovely. It’s sweet, voluptuous once it gets going, and mood setting. There’s an edge of honey fleuressence – yes, I had to Google it myself, but it’s clearly the magic ingredient because it’s described variously as ‘sweet, narcotic, intense, warm’ and I’d say there is an element of all of those descriptors in this blend. I don’t (thankfully) get honey from it but yes to all the other words. It’s £85 HERE. Candles are £45 and Satin Body Oil is £38. You can purchase 2ml sample sizes at £5 which seems a bit on the top side but I feel a little will go a long way and as £85 is a big outlay on an untried fragrance purchase, seems prudent.





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