[unpaid/sample] This is a fragrance heavy week one way and another and I’m kicking off with the new collection of fragrances from Loewe and the Botanical Rainbow campaign. I’m not very familiar with Loewe (pronounced Loh-we-veh) fragrances, but the collection has been transformed by Jonathan Anderson as a colour, touch and smell system. Colour and fragrance are so closely linked – I was immediately drawn to the orange bottle before I knew anything about the notes. I have five fragrances here but in order to do them justice properly, I’ll split the review into two or three, beginning with Pink Magnolia (my second visual choice) and Ella.

Loewe Fragrance Botanical Rainbow

The collection is split into families – Agua, Aire Aura, Esencia, 7 and Pour Homme although I’ve got 001 here and I’m not sure yet where that fits in! Each family signifies an aspect of the brand.

Loewe Fragrance Botanical Rainbow

Starting with Pink Magnolia in the Aura family (inspiring and extrovert) which has an amplified creaminess that those who love magnolia will be familiar with. I would always put magnolia in the distinctly underwhelming category as a fragrance note but because it’s the star here, it’s rather magnificent. A vanilla base, unusually for vanilla, doesn’t overwhelm the magnolia, instead complimenting it perfectly to make it smooth and warm. There are berry notes which add just a dash of lush juiciness that all settles on to the skin in absolute harmony. It’s delicious, really. And that’s before we start on the brush stroke gold bottle which is an absolute feast for the eyes. The impression from Loewe Pink Magnolia is warmth but less cosy heat and more suffusion of gentle sunshine.

LOEWE Solo Ella

Ella is part of the Solo group inspired by sunsets and the balance of opposites. It’s a fruity floral with orange, apple, pear and peach over a jasmine and orange blossom middle. I can easily pick out the jasmine as well as the apple and peach, and later, the orange. It’s very much not your average fruity fragrance with a night bloom headiness to it, not tempered all that much by cedar and amber, so you’ll need to like that particular genre of fragrance that hovers just the right side of the overblown tipping point. Which I do. Ella smells as it looks – no wonder I reached for it first.

Loewe Fragrance Botanical Rainbow

I think once the Loewe Fragrance Botanical Rainbow campaign gets into full flow you’ll start to see these fragrances everywhere. It’s optimistic and playful in parts which we could all do with a sliver of right now and shot in painterly light by photographer and film-maker Tyler Mitchell. If you’re a visual person, you will probably understand the ‘families’  better seeing the pictures and if not, it won’t matter, they’re stunning whichever way. The full collection is due in March but I see most of it (if not all) already HERE. Ella is EU72 and Pink Magnolia is EU75.


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