[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I don’t know about you, but right now I’d say that there is generally a low mood or perhaps uncertainty in the air – there’s something that’s not allowing us to stand down fully and relax from the rigours of lockdown. We are all bruised to some degree or another from such a sudden and frightening change in our world and recovery from it is not helped by global situations which are so worrying. I’m not about to say that perfume can make it better – but am going to say that anything that helps to turn down the noise a notch or just makes a moment about you and nothing else is something quite precious. I think I’m quieter than I was before, flatter in spirit for sure and more hesitant about everything – like only 3/4 of myself somehow – and have to trust that time and circumstance will sort things out. That’s maybe the thing about bruises – they start of alarming and sore but take a long time to fully fade, displaying all sorts of shades while healing.

Jo Malone London The Beauty Of The British Isles Collection

The thing that resonates with me about The Beauty Of The British Isles Collection is that it feels tangible – these are scents that are familiar and possible made even more beautiful by clever olfactory enhancements. Wood Sage & Sea Salt isn’t a new scent but it could remind you quite quickly of walking along the coast or it could equally remind you of picking your window box herbs. It will be different things to different people but what is the same is that you will know it and there is a lot of comfort in that. Actually, I feel that as well as being a grounding scent is that it’s a scent of manageable possibilities – it’s not sending me on an olfactory journey of wild swimming and midnight picnics (thank god!!!) but more of a stroll into safe territory.  The limited edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle is £52 HERE.

Jo Malone London The Beauty Of The British Isles Collection

Forest Moss is new – I found something aquatic in it despite its notes being firmly rooted in earth. However, the brand does mention a secluded river in their description so perhaps that’s where I’m getting it from. So, if you can imagine a woodland walk with those green smells breaking under your feet and add a splash of geranium to that and a pinch of soggy moss you are about there. I did a lot of woodland walking when I was younger, growing up in Scotland, and frankly found it extremely uninteresting, in the way that you do when you just want to get back to see what’s on TV and you’ve walked the same walk a million times. But olfactory memory has a way of taking out all the dull bits or the litter or the animal carcass and just giving you enough recognition that you only remember the best bits so now I can think of the hyper green ferns and pretty toadstools. Forest Moss is £56 HERE.

Jo Malone London The Beauty Of The British Isles Collection

I notice that in this collection Jo Malone London is including a face mist (see Crystal Campion) which is alcohol free and laced with hyaluronic. It’s not yet released but a return to skin care seems most welcome, if that is what it signifies. There are also limited edition fragrances in Salty Amber and Aqua Lemon and while it’s all a bit style over substance on their website which makes it hard to find the nuts and bolts, I like the understated-ness of it all which seems to fit the mood of the moment.

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