[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I love the way that beauty just has its own seasonal rhythm – here we are with the lovely Jo Malone Blossoms Collection which is so spring and so all the things that the weather has not been so far – the fragrances are bright, lightful and optimistic. I read this morning that we (as a nation) have had a third (maybe it was two thirds) less sunshine than is usual for the year so no wonder we are all a bit flat.

Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2023

I’ve grabbed the only blossoms I have from my garden for this – being somewhat short on nashi, osmanthus, silk, star magnolia or waterlily ;-). But that list comprises the options in the Blossoms Collection.

Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2023

Nashi is a clean affair – initially crisp with lemon, fresh, a little bit soapy and a little bit creamy.  The base note for Nashi Blossom is white musk which gives it a subtle elegance and to my nose it feels like there’s a little bit of rose somewhere but possibly it’s the fruity notes playing tricks. I thought at first it was too light for me but this fragrance develops so the next time you go back to smell it on your skin, it’s more luminous and stronger than at the start. I like the ‘fresh washing’ aspect but of the two, Osmanthus is definitely the one for me.

Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2023

The best way I’ve heard osmanthus described is as a ‘floral fuzziness’* and that’s so true. It’s peachy, orangey and apricot-ish with light, sweet notes. This settles so beautifully on the skin and stays as part of you – cashmere woods give it balance and smoothness – spritz often and enjoy it to the full. It’s lovelier than I remember it so maybe it’s had a bit of tinkering but it’s certainly very more-ish and because it’s so at home on the skin, it’s rather sensual, too.

Jo Malone Blossoms Collection 2023

There are more options than just cologne – Star Magnolia also comes in a hair mist and Silk Blossom comes as a diffuser. However, I think the best option for an olfactory pick me up is the trio below.

Jo Malone

The 3 x 9ml set contains Osmanthus Blossom, Nashi Blossom and Star Magnolia and costs £58 HERE – it’s just all the best options in one place. Otherwise, the 30ml fragrances are £82 for 30ml HERE.


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