[productsample] Somewhat bizarrely, this fragrance is dedicated to Ukrainian women and is a collaboration between the brand and Parfum Buro in the Ukraine. It’s honestly never occurred to me to even wonder what the Ukraine smells like but if it smells like this I am booking a flight soonest.


I instantly liked it – I didn’t even need to wait for the dry down to know that it’s filled with notes that unfailingly, I fall for. A combination of jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom – those spectacular bloomers that power you out with their fragrance at certain times of year are compressed into this tiny bottle. There’s a powdery aspect too which any Chanel fan will instantly know – and the amber-musk base is a perfect fit to round out those big flower notes.

Jeroboam Boha Fragrance

Last week I had a renewed fling with my favourite Jo Malone fragrance, Orange Blossom; over the weekend I wore McQueen, and Boha feels like blend of the two with a twist of violet leaf (which honestly, I couldn’t pick out of a police line up). If you like a deep, night bloom kind of scent that’s enveloping and sensual, you need to smell Boha! It’s a whopping £90 for 30ml (there is a play on words with Jeroboam – a huge name and an oversized box for a tiny bottle) HERE.

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