Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desire Fragrance

Ooh.. Velvet Desire, eh? That’s quite a name but it was absolute love at first spritz. The Velvet collection was launched in 2011 – there are six fragrances, all with the Velvet prefix. Velvet Vetiver, Velvet Patchouli, Velvet Wood, Velvet Sublime, Velvet Love and seen above, Velvet Desire. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that almost all I want to wear at the moment, even with the onset of spring, is my McQueen fragrance, all heavy, sweetly floral and intoxicating. Velvet Desire is the nearest I’ve found to it. The thing I love is the ‘night bloom’ element – McQueen has Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose and Ylang Ylang, while Velvet Desire has white flowers, Tuberose and Frangipani, so you can see they’re not so far apart on the headiness and exotic, tropical flower notes.

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desire Fragrance

I’m seeing a lot of fragrances at the moment – spring being a key time for new releases and while I don’t see many that aren’t perfectly nice, ‘nice’ is kind of what they are. So many fragrance brands just want to steer a steady course and delivery eternally popular notes that consumers are already acquainted with – the high street is awash with same-smell scent. It’s kind of ironic that I sometimes get swathes and swathes of paperwork describing a very convoluted inspiration and combining of notes, only for it to really smell exactly the same as one I tried yesterday. With a completely different backstory and ‘inspiration’. It’s hard to take those seriously to be honest – they’re pretty much works of fiction.

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desire is an absolute find for me – I don’t need to get used to it, to wonder about it or to consider it; it is just the right one. If it was a dress in a store, I’d trample you in the queue to get it paid for and on my back! Speaking of payment… the one downside. It’s £165 for 50ml (*cries a bit) HERE. McQueen is even harsher on the credit card at £285 (HERE). I know.. why do I only like these expensive ones? I wonder if Lidl might consider a version…

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