[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This week is running away from me – we are off to see my mum and dad on Thursday so I’ve been flat out trying to get content ready for I’m away. Next week will be the same as we are off to see Max so I end up condensing 5 days of content into 3 – I love the push of it because it’s always a challenge but the following week I will probably take a few days off. The product that has made me pause, because it is such a peaceful fragrance is Creed Virgin Island Water. This was the very first fragrance that told me perfumes could be something other than a nice smell. The inspiration behind it was told to me as Olivier Creed on a sailing trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean and the way that the scent of the sun warmed vegetation wisped across the salty water – I mean, I really took myself to that yacht. I think if it captures anything by way of emotion, it’s that feeling of being warm and calm and just full of contented happiness.

Creed Sampler Set

Fragrance brands come up with all sorts of ‘inspirations’ – some utterly implausible and it’s patently obvious they had the (commercial) scent first and built the inspiration to fit it, but others really do come from the heart and I feel Virgin Island Water is one of them. It’s citrusy with a light sprinkle of coconut and a comforting milky element with a hint of rum and jasmine flowers. It’s all so gently arranged that it feels familiar even if you’ve never been on a boat, never mind a yacht in the Caribbean and you can place yourself in the space where warmth drifts over you. Honestly, it was my wake up to fragrance. 50ml is £185 HERE so we are really in the luxury space, but if it’s out of reach for you, understandably, if you pass it in a store, take a spritz.

Creed Sampler Set

I know we all like a discovery set – Creed’s version is super fancy in red leather but I kind of get it… that fragrance tasting is to be savoured and respected. No Virgin Island Water in this but instead, you’ll find Aventus, Silver Mountain Water, Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Impérial (apparently Jay Z loves this), Aventus for Her, Love in White, Wind Flowers and Royal Princess Oud. I haven’t been through them all but I have had Silver Mountain Water before – an utterly lovely representation of crisp mountain air with citrus, salty ozonic notes and tea. Wind Flowers is blossomy and soft with just an edge of praline – I mean, all of these have some exceptional combinations. It’s £140 HERE with other wallet options available. Many wedding fragrances have been chosen this way!


Weirdly, Virgin Island Water doesn’t come in any of the sampler sets (£38 for 5, HERE redeemable, no wallet) but I’d still say that if you don’t know Creed, this is very well worth getting and taking your time over. There’s so much history starting in 1760 – grab a coffee and give yourself twenty minutes HERE.

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