[sample] Bearing in mind you can pay just about any amount of money for a candle, with £30+ being ball-park ‘normal’ I was surprised that this comes in at £25. It’s generous – the fragrance starting giving almost straight away with a very timely freshness that also felt unexpected.

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Candle

It’s an aromatherapy blend of cedarwood and lavender – I’m sure there are other things in the soy base but unusually, there’s no full ingredient list (or perhaps it’s just me that can’t find it). I wish that, instead of branding the candle they’d used a bit more imagination and used it as an opportunity for a soothing quote or just something simple like ‘sleep well’. Obviously, don’t use this in your bedroom trying to get to sleep – it’s more of a cosy evening wind-down candle before you go to bed.

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Candle

There’s a sleep mist in the same scent that gets rave reviews but I like this candle for its soothing qualities – I’m trying not to say ‘sinus clearing’ but the aromatic blend does give that sort of sharpness that you might associate with clear passages :-). I’d say that lying on the sofa in your pj’s with a good book and Beauty Sleep flickering away would be a lovely evening spent. You can find it HERE. 

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