[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] We’re back in pampering land – much needed, I am sure. I think we all know Tisserand so it doesn’t need any introduction and their Restore Balance collection will tick all the relaxation and pampering boxes, with one exception.

Tisserand Restore Balance Collection Review

I think if you can get yourself in the me-time mood, both the bath/shower product and the room and body mist are nicely fragranced with geranium, rose and clary sage which is both comforting and calming, as well as downright pleasant to the nose. I read something in one of the papers yesterday written by Dr Mark Porter who remains unconvinced of the powers of aromatherapy (that is a man that has never steeped in an AA Deep Relax bath) but while I realise that it won’t solve any serious problems, it’s a vehicle for self care and acceptance that looking after yourself can be many things, including a fragranced bath in which you spritz the room, or yourself, as an act of pure self indulgence. I can get in the mood completely for that, especially now I have Dora and time to myself is extremely limited, and just roll with it. The Roller Ball is disappointing – the aroma is far too skimpy. I found myself really searching for any of the oils and found nothing other than a vague scent. So, it wasn’t at all mood balancing – quite the opposite, in fact! Skip that and consider instead a lovely, lightly foamed bath in a bathroom pre-spritzed with the room spray (be generous and spritz your towel as well). I am wondering if, in general, Tisserand has reduced the aromatherapy oils – any regular users noticed this? The bath/shower wash is £14, the room spray is £12 and the roller ball £8. I’m linking you to Amazon HERE where I see they’re pulling the ‘menopause’ card. These will be no more useful during menopause than at any other time in your life just to be clear.

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