[productsample/affiliatelink] It’s interesting that these alcohol free fragrances have been renamed as ‘waters’ – I’ve had a quick look to see if there is a technical reason they aren’t labelled ‘perfume’ but can’t really find anything.


These (Eau d’Hadrien, Rose Pompon and Petite Cherie) aren’t the first waters from this brand – last year Goutal created Songes and L’Ile Au The) as an alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to tolerate alcohol in their perfumes. For anyone with fragrance sensitive skin, this is great news. Alcohol free fragrances don’t dry the skin and can also be used as lingerie or hair sprays as well so it’s a win all round.


Eau d’Hadrien is the fragrance I’ve never really been curious about from Goutal, although I have several absolute favourites from the brand (Rose Pompon for one). Inspired by Tuscan landscapes, in composition it’s very citrus driven – the first impression you get when you spritz is a sharp burst of lemon and grapefruit; it’s very fresh and very clean smelling. If there was ever a fragrance to spritz on your bed or bath linens, this is it. Other notes include green mandarin, ylang-ylang, cypress and bergamot but I think it’s the lemon that will stay with you the most. One thing to note is that without alcohol, it doesn’t disappear on the skin in the same way that normal fragrance does, I have it on my wrist right now and there is just the faintest oil veil.

It’s a beautiful fragrance – the bottle alone almost sells it to me with my fantasy of having only beautiful things in my white bathroom (horribly ruined by mouthwash, toothpaste, razors and all the usual necessary but unglamorous life wares) – if you love citrus and fresh fragrances, you’ll love this. It’s £74 at Liberty HERE.

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