[unpaid/sample] Gosh, by now we must all be experts in hand sanitizers and cleansers. I’ll admit to using them slightly less than I used to but I found it so useful to have in my bag and I keep some there still, even just for wiping over outside cafe tables. If I see some in a shop entrance I always react to the prompt and I think that’s partly the issue – just not remembering as often because I don’t feel on such high alert. I am a stickler for a mask on public transport though and sometimes I’m the only one.

Zenatti Luxury Hand Cleanser

The one I have here in full size is Jardin Aux Herbes which smells exactly like a traditional cologne. There’s very little in the way of the alcohol front load – you really are straight to the fragrance possibly because it’s 70% plant derived alcohol (organic alcohol denat – often made from sugar cane). How fresh and how welcome on a hot day! I love the fact that it’s a spray because it’s far more convenient than a squeeze with no excess rubbing to dissipate the liquid.

Zenatti Luxury Hand Cleanser

There are five fragrances to choose from – Parc de Bagatelle (rose), Nuit Imperiale (oud), Premieres Lueurs (neroli), Havre de Paix (clary sage) and of course, Jardin Aux Herbes. My next choice would be rose (and Jardin is currently awaiting a re-stock). The thing about Zenatti cleanser is that it’s enjoyment for the moment – that wonderful aroma that is both an olfactory experience and a practical experience (eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses) but won’t hang around to interfere with your existing fragrance. There’s really no dryness – kukui oil, argan and tamanu see to that. So, this is definitely a more special hand cleanser than your average – actually it was conceived in 2010, well before we had to use it. It’s the sort of product I’d expect to see in luxury hotels and would be taking absolute liberties with in the name of, cough, good hand hygiene. They’re £24 each HERE.


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