Kiss The Moon Essential Oil Soaps

I love a proper soap in the bathroom – pump soaps are fine for the kitchen and downstairs loo, but by the bath I want to see real soap (and particularly if it’s a Chanel soap!). The two I have here are Love and Dream, each with their own particular aromatherapy fragrances. The soap base is coconut with no artificial fragrances or preservatives and the paper they come wrapped in is fully compostable. Dream is a Lavender and Bergamot blend, while Love is Rose and Frankincense.

Kiss The Moon Essential Oil Soaps

There’s also a new candle from the brand: Peace Vanilla & Rosewood (not yet on their website, it’s so new!). The name doesn’t tell the whole story because this has a flash of orange and spice to it as well but not so much as to mark it as obviously festive. I find the entire range on the milder side of fragranced which will suit some people really well, particularly if you don’t want your house drenched in pine or pumpkin latte notes. It’s subtle but in a soothing way rather than a disappointing way. The entire purpose of Kiss The Moon is to aid relaxation and sleep (don’t go to sleep with your candle burning!!) so the gentle, cocooning nature of the fragrances are exactly the right fit for the remit.

I think of Kiss The Moon as a gorgeous winter treat-to-self, when evenings are dark and long and cocooning feels like the right thing to do. Everyone cocoons differently – I like a hot, scented bath followed by pyjamas, a blanket and something really easy on the brain on TV (quiz shows, antique shows – anything that isn’t taxing). If I’m handed a G&T then that’s extra nice (just the one and with slimline tonic, ice and slice) because the chill of the drink is so at odds with the warmth of the blanket. Sometimes I have a candle on the burn (Jonathan Ward and Dior on rotation currently) and sometimes the fire is on. I’d love to know your cocoon routines… am I missing anything?

You can find Kiss The Moon HERE. 


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