[unpaid/bought/ad/affiliate] Let’s start the week with dealing with the distinctly unglamorous issue of dry feet and cracked heels. If you’ve made the transition from trainers to flip flops like me then no doubt there’s a bit of dry skin lurking, although without the need for high heels at the moment, I imagine our feet (and backs) are in better nick than ever before.

Flexitol Heel Balm

If you prefer something more fancy, there are lots of options but to be honest, I come back to this every single time because it’s the best fiver I ever spend. If there was a cream for faces doing what this does for feet it would never be in stock! The key ingredient is Urea which yes, is (in its ammonia form) found in urine (and sweat and blood), but commonly made from synthetic ammonia and natural gas. Urea is second on the ingredient list after water – followed by Lanolin. A little further along is Shea Butter and then a little further still is Glycolic Acid. You get a dry skin dissolving action as well as a humectant and moisturising action and it works straight away with results in no more than a few days. It’s not exciting but boy, does it work, and nobody wants cracked feet because before we even think about the aesthetics, they really hurt.

It’s a funny thing but I bet if I had a £50 luxury foot cream to hand I’d spend ages lovingly working it into my toes and heels and yet with Flexitol, I just splodge it on, give it a quick rub and go. It’s a mind-shift I think, to treat something cheap and cheerful with the same respect or reverence as a luxury item – this has been a good reminder for me. You can find it HERE, non affiliate HERE for £4.09.



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