[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve mostly discounted Dr Barbara Sturm skin care on the grounds that it is SO expensive it makes your eyes water. I’ve had samples in the past (face cream) and liked them well enough (very well actually) but got bogged down in the science and the spend so just moved on. However, as a supplement-monkey who has a cupboard full of tablets, and based on my good experience with skin supplements in the past, I’m taking another look.

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin Supplements

At approximately £60 a pot (depending upon which one you like the look of) for one month’s supply, I was just about to do another ‘too expensive’ comment when I realised that Imedeen, which I take religiously and buy often, is about £45 a month. I’ve segued it into my routine so completely I didn’t even think about the breakdown. Any nutritionist will tell you that if you’re eating right, you probably don’t need supplements, but which of us is eating right all the time?! Not me, that’s certain. I’m more intrigued by the Anti-Pollution option than the Sleep (although on the surface they sound like they could be helpful) because I’m at my computer day in, day out and I’m open to a belt-and-braces approach to supplements….and the description mentioned ‘digital pollution’… if I add in screen time then I am a prime candidate for pollution damage – if indeed it really is a serious skin ‘thing’ and not something minor that marketing has made more of.  I think I’m like any average consumer to be honest in not really being able to fully break down the science…. I try, and then end up down rabbit hole after rabbit hole until I don’t even care any more.

Dr Barbara Sturm Skin Supplements

I think these are probably made for Sturm disciples because they’re not ‘that’ descriptive BUT I like the idea of deep hydration and a collagen production boost. The more resilient your skin is, the better able it is to withstand rigours and I KNOW that some supplements really do have a positive effect on skin. Orthopedic surgeon turned skin care expert, Sturm, has utterly amazing skin herself which is always a plus and a list of celeb clients longer than your arm. The active ingredients are completely credible – Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra Fruit Powder, Jiaogulan, Golden Root, Purslane Extract, Vitamin E and Manganese – so I’ll be surprised if I don’t see something. So, I’m going in – if I see any difference by the end of the month, I’ll be back :-). In the meantime, you can find them HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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