[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] What I know about Dr Barbara Sturm products you could write on the head of a pin but at the back of my mind I seem to remember some controversy around the brand – sure enough, after googling, there has been questioning of the fact she studied orthopedics rather than dermatology, and another doctor took exception to her bespoke plasma treatments. I think you can be an expert in skin if you study hard enough – a medical background is obviously helpful in that – and you don’t always need a dermatology degree to become a skin specialist. I’m in agreement with plasma facials which involve taking the client’s blood and creating a personalised skin regime around it. I mean *shrug* – there is so much to unwrap there and even with my limited knowledge of skin biology and cosmetic products, I can’t really see any convincing evidence for why that might be helpful. But, each to their own! I think my perception of the brand is that it is very expensive – an eye serum for example is £250.

Dr Barbara Sturm Cleanser Review

People can and do spend that amount but lovely as this foam cleanser is, it’s £50 and most of it is air. It feels like a lot! That’s for the 150ml size. It’s a pleasant cleanser – very soft foam that turns creamy on the skin and did a great job of removing all my make up other than mascara which needed extra attention.

Dr Barbara Sturm Cleanser Review

My face felt smooth, calm and hydrated after using it and it does seem to be formulated well for sensitive skin with the active ingredients being Purslane Extract, Urea, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Mild Tensides (surfactant), Vitamin E and Glycerine. However, as we all know, cleanser is on the skin such a brief amount of time that very little ‘rejuvenating’ (as billed) is going to take place – none at all actually. However, if you are sensitive, this is a cleanser built not to disturb both pH or barrier function which when tipped the wrong way can be a complete pain. So, I can’t sit either way on this – it could be the perfect cleanser for those with tricky skin but for regular skin types you have the luxury of being able to use pretty much anything that’s nowhere near the £50 mark. It’s HERE.


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