[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I already love my existing Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser – AA is one of my favourite brands and I think I must have featured Deep Relax Oil more than any other product. It’s just perfect. The Atomiser Connect is controllable via an app so you can schedule calming (or invigorating) notes to be wafting for just when you get back from work, from the gym or from yoga. It’s honestly such a treat. I used to be irritated by things that needed an app but this makes so much sense – why wouldn’t you want to come home from holiday to a welcoming fragrance for example – that it’s downloaded and up and running.

The atomiser is really simple to use.

Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Connect Review

In the top are two bottles that you un-attach from the lids and replace with your Aromatherapy Associates essential oil bottles. They slot back into the atomiser (see below) and voila! You’re ready.

Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Connect Review

Via the app you can set the run time, the time you want it to start and for how long you want it to run. There are two chambers so you can mix your aromatherapy so have a quick blast of one and more of another.

If I’m honest, the app could be more user friendly, but if I can work it out anyone can. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Connect Review

It’s a very pleasant looking piece of equipment – really unobtrusive. If you don’t care for aromatherapy, it’s definitely not for you and a considered purchase anyway because it’s £185 but if you find aromatherapy oils soothing or mood boosting, it’s something to consider. I don’t really do on-line yoga any more but that’s when I’d probably use it to create the ‘zone’ and, in the way that you have to look for the good things about winter, I’m kind of looking forward to cosy evenings with trails of Deep Relax. There is actually a Winter Wellbeing blend and that is lovely too.  I do think it’s a bit expensive and it might be worth waiting for the sales or Black Friday offers but you can find it HERE if waiting isn’t for you.


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