Weekender Beauty

I had a speedy trip to Milan with Mr BBB last weekend; just Friday to Sunday. It completely exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely go again because it’s such an easy trip for us as we live quite near London City Airport. Apart from eating so, so well and having some beautiful wines, we did a lot of walking, went to the Duomo (you can go on the roof and it’s one of the most spectacular things I have ever done), did some shopping and visited the vintage and antiques market (last Sunday of every month) where I bought a 1980’s Chanel jacket. I could not believe my luck! I like to think I’m good at travelling light – carry on only for speed weekends – so I’ve rounded up what I took in terms of beauty (I have a post coming up tomorrow about the bags I WISH I’d had at the time to carry it all in). Starting with the brand new Les Beiges Tinted Moisturiser SPF30 (£33.30 on a price match HERE) and a good job too as the weather was in the high 70’s with sunshine (and a tiny bit of rain). Clinique SPF50 for nose, hands and neck (£18.70 HERE) and the one stop shop for overnight and day time hydration from my favourite BioEffect EGF Serum that’s just launched at SpaceNK (£125 HERE).

I’ve not tidied up the make up pieces – I mean, who in real life has pristine, immaculate blusher! I took the Guerlain Maxi Lash Extra Volume Mascara which I love for the skinny brush and loads of lash effect (£26 HERE), my beloved Clarins Khol (£15.50 HERE) and the cute little Korean blush that I can’t even begin to track down again but it’s got a very handy mirror! I’ve fallen in love again with the Sisley Lip Balm (£49.50 HERE). It’s SO expensive I can hardly bear it but it’s very, very good.

For my lip options, I took the yet to launch Charlotte Tilbury Lip Bath and two ultra-reliable Bobbi glosses in Buff and Hollywood Red (£22 HERE). Oh, I forgot to say we went to the opera as well but it was the only time the Hollywood Red came out! Otherwise, I stuck to Buff and CT. Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder (on offer for £16.40 instead of £20.50 HERE) really is what it says and it’s pretty much the only brow product I ever use, and even then, I only use the lighter end of the two tone powder.

Yes, I took wipes! There were only two cleanses so for that limited amount, I’m not about to try and carry a load of liquids when there’s just no need. The Shiseido Refreshing Cleansing Sheets (£18.50 HERE) are great – they tackle mascara better than any wipes I’ve tried (although forget it for waterproof) and took away make up residue in quick time and efficiently. I can’t fault these for occasional use. The absolute bonus of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette (£60 HERE) is that there are three curated looks in one palette – although feel free to go rogue and mix whatever shades you like. This just fitted every look I needed from easy day to opera glam and I took my Cassie Lomas Buster eye brush (in main picture, £14 HERE) for blending and applying.

So, there you go – apart from toothpaste and deodorant, that was all I took – the ‘liquids’ fitted in the airport bag with room to spare (luckily, as I bought a La Roche Posay foundation for a friend with sensitive skin and had room to tuck it in as well). I feel it’s quite a pared back collection that really covered every single option that I needed or wanted, and I was especially pleased with the BioEffect Serum which I’ve used many times before, but it really does give all the hydration for face and neck that you need in one tiny drop from the bottle.

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