[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] If you’ve ever taken a look at QVC beauty, chances are you will have seen Alison Young dispensing advice and explaining the ins and outs of products.  We’ve known each other professionally for years – it used to be that QVC held a lunch every year for journalists (maybe they still do) but it was one of two annual occasions that I broke my no day drinking rule (the other being CEW Awards and my goodness you need a glass of something to get through that). Alison was always fun and easy to chat to – I still remember that I asked her what her favourite food is and she said, ‘I like a nice sauce’. I don’t know why that stuck but I think about it almost every time I have a nice sauce! I also guested on QVC a couple of times – once with Sarah Chapman and no idea what the other was.

The Beauty Insider by Alison Young

Even if you don’t know Alison, you will very much know her by the end of her new book, The Beauty Insider. Beauty world is weird – and always has been. There are clear cliques and hierarchies – not always pleasant – and a whole heap of egos and furies. Alison has stood back and watched it all through clear eyes and stayed exactly the same throughout. The FOMO point that she makes is spot on – aren’t we all susceptible to this? She’s right – it’s not true that we need to conform to trends and if anything, her book is the confidence boost we all need to make our own choices.

The Beauty Insider by Alison Young

I loved the section on brushes and what they do. I get sent brush sets that are nothing short of baffling – I’ve no clue why we supposedly need so many when the bottom line is that a handful will do all the jobs. There’s a similar feature on mascara brushes and just explaining through the shapes and purposes so that you can easily identify what’s what is really helpful. And that’s the general theme of The Beauty Insider – helpfulness. Unpicking the hype and translating it into facts that any beauty consumer can use in their choice making.

The Beauty Insider by Alison Young

Hello and yes! As a make-up lover this is music to my ears – ‘make up should be fun’! There are tips and tricks for everyone in this section from brow shaping to what to do with a lipstick that’s too bright. There’s a Q&A at the end of each section covering topics such as mascara allergies, creasing shadows and how to apply make up if your eyesight isn’t great. I mean, it’s all the questions you ever wanted answering.

There’s almost no stone un-turned in The Beauty Insider which I think you’d expect from someone whose career has spanned decades and who has absorbed so much product knowledge. Here it all is between the pages translated to an easy, digestible read that’s free from hype and hysteria. I think we could all learn a lot from Alison – she’s redressing the balance between what we see on social media and what is plain reality and it’s honestly so refreshing. There’s no hectoring, no lecturing or bossing – you can just wind your own way around the space with a quiet confidence that comes from understanding. You can find The Beauty Insider HERE for £13.59 (less if you have Kindle).


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