I almost NEVER go for a facial, but the big sell on this was that it’s 15 minutes long – and I’m London based and pass Liberty at least 3 times a week so it felt far more feasible and less daunting than an hour long ‘pamper’. This is all about the functional so it’s perfectly suited to someone like me who can’t bear to lie still for any length of time.

Skin Laundry
Skin Laundry

I visited on Wednesday and with a couple of caveats, was really impressed. So, I’ll start with the things I didn’t like about it. Firstly, you have to check yourself in on an iPad type thing, even though there is someone manning a desk. If I’m paying £50 a time I think someone else can check me in (although I didn’t pay for this one – get this… nobody pays for their first one.. honestly!). It also asked for data (age, post-code) that I didn’t really want to give. I don’t want to be on a mailer for ever more. It’s fine if you work at Facebook where everyone signs themselves in on iPads, but if you’re not used to it, it seems daunting. I’m guessing that there would be a fair proportion of clients who don’t necessarily find technology easy. And, there’s a person right there so I felt it should be optional self check-in. I also noticed that the treatment table could have done with a bit of a clean.. someone else’s hair was still there!

The treatment itself uses laser (the therapist went over my face twice, missing out the side of my nose where I have a piercing) and then red light (once). It’s really that quick. I was given a wipe to take off my make up (face only.. you can leave your eyes and lips) and then the therapist cleansed my face again just to be on the safe side. She moved the laser over my face (you need eye goggles) and it felt like a mix between fizzing and stinging but I couldn’t say it was painful. It was an odd sensation, but didn’t actually hurt. You don’t feel anything much other than a bit of heat with the light. The (YAG) laser vapourises grime (including, over time, blackheads) and that includes inside pores. The (IPL) light works on brown and red tones within the skin to even out tone and stimulate collagen. It also claims to mimimize pores but that won’t happen in one treatment.

What did happen though was an initial freshness that was visible. The therapist put on some oil free moisturiser afterwards but once I got home, I felt I needed more. My skin was highly receptive to the moisturiser I put on afterwards and that continued to the next day when my base make up went on like a dream. My skin has had a very good day today – I’m delighted with it, and would gladly book more treatments. In fact, I’m curious to know what further treatments can do because one is impressive on its own.

My therapist was very friendly – absolutely charming, in fact – and I’d happily put myself in her capable hands again. But for the check-in arrangement, it’s a near perfect treatment for someone like me who is impatient for fast results but can’t commit to hours on a treatment table. There is a product range, but mercifully there is no hard sell on that which is amazing in itself. I was given a menu of what products were used on me (Advanced Protection Moisturiser and Clarifing Toner) so that I can think about it and come back to them if I want.


Skin Laundry started in the US where treatments are around the $50 mark… that’s been translated straight into £50 for the UK but there are packages that allow for savings. It’s one of the few treatments I’ve had that I feel I could regularly commit to because it’s just so quick – and gives results. If you work locally to Liberty, definitely try the first free treatment (you can book online). You can find Skin Laundry HERE.

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