[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] My friend Genevieve reminded me about mixing self tan and moisturiser to warm up our tones. I used to do this – used Tan Luxe all summer long (neat, using the serum) and somehow forgot all about this easy way to look less peaky for winter. I’m suggesting products to use but really you can probably do this with products you already have, bar the drops.

Get A Winter Glow

If you have got any self-tan drops or lotions over from the summer, dig them out again and blend one third tan drops and two thirds moisturiser.

I’m using a light day cream from Sephora (HERE) that I reviewed a little while ago and it’s the perfect pairing. I know Gen used Skinny Tan Drops (£16 HERE – love the product, hate the name) and I use Tan Luxe – small bottle HERE for £23 – but if your skin is to the dry side, use a more potent morning moisturiser. Just blend them up in your hand and apply as you would your day cream. Give it a moment to settle in and then carry on about your day knowing in a couple of hours you’re going to look less pale and more interesting. Once you’ve got your tone a level or two warmer, which is the key to everything, all the thing you would think of as summery, suddenly fit into winter. It’s about bringing that warming Mediterranean light look to your skin – we don’t have that flattering sun but we do have make up!

Get A Winter Glow

I have one tiny patch on my face where self-tan sticks and makes it look like pigmentation – I just ignore it although it’s very easy to cover with a dot of concealer. I’ve turned back to using L’Oreal Glow Cherie (£5 HERE) as a base just to give a little more light to my skin but once my tone is warmed up with the self-tan/day cream combo, I can actually go back to my beloved CHANEL Water Tint which is very sheer.

In terms of blush, keep it sheer and think about using your summer bronzer as a light blush instead. I’ve got the Charlotte Tilbury Sun Kissed Glow Bronzer, £42, and that works a treat as a crème blush if you just use a dab. It was out of stock virtually all summer in shade Fair but is finally back in stock HERE – anything you already have will do if you blend it well and use a light hand.

Lips – keep them warm but not too dark because deep shades drain colour from your face. Corals and pinks with a bit of sheen work best at giving overall brightness. I’m using Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Gloss in Freestyle, £22 HERE. Again, any of your summery shades with a bit of pigment behind them will work well and be a good fit against a warmer tone.

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