[unpaid/sample] I’ve been waiting a long time to write about my friend Uchenna’s new toothpaste. At last, her own product! I’ve been using it right from early production stage, so for about six months – perhaps a bit more. It was timely because I had tooth aligners (with Uchenna) and usually, after that process is finished, tooth whitening follows, but it really wasn’t necessary – I didn’t want ultra-white teeth – and I just have (I think) bright and fresh looking teeth that are white without being ‘processed’ white.

Dr Uchenna My Smile Whitening Toothpaste

One of the things I like best about this is that it’s got a very gentle spearmint flavour. I think I mention weekly that I’m not a power-mint fan at all so this is absolutely perfect for me and quite a rare find in an oral health product because brands seem to think if your mouth isn’t burning afterwards, you somehow won’t think your product is doing the job. My Smile uses silica as the brightening ingredient – in the UK, tooth whitening products can only contain a certain level of peroxide, in the US, things are more relaxed – but with that in mind, Uchenna by-passed peroxide altogether and went with silica instead because it’s much more gentle, but as effective. It’s like a mild exfoliant so will whip off stains to leave a polished appearance. It’s safe for use on sensitive teeth as well.

Dr Uchenna My Smile Whitening Toothpaste

My Smile is preservative free – most toothpastes have a high water content which means they need preservative – My Smile is highly concentrated with a very low water content so they aren’t needed. My Smile also has fluoride and hydroxyapatite to help rebuild enamel. Really, it contains everything that healthy teeth need. I think the UK market is a tough one to crack for bespoke toothpastes – we’re so used to thinking of it as a supermarket or pharmacy item but a big trend during lockdown was to upgrade the ordinary and that seems to have stuck so the timing is good for this. I know that a Whitening Pen is on its way but for now My Smile is HERE for £17.99. Oh, you also get an African print bag that reflects Uchenna’s heritage to keep your tooth cleaning kit in, but by a quirk of fate it turned out the one she chose is actually called ‘plaque-plaque’ so couldn’t be more appropriate!

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